Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Alhamdulillah. I discovered new thing during my previous trip trekking in Nepal. One of my style when visiting WINTER country. ( Still covering my aurah )

Things should have :
1) Anak tudung ninja  (Make sure that it could cover your neck, but it is more appropriate if it could cover your chest as well)
2) Snow Cap ( Eg: The Owl Cap )
3) Selendang/Shawl/ Magic Cap (like the one that I put on my neck) ( Eg: If you choose to wear shawl just  make sure that you do not fold it too small, but let it width instead as it could cover your chest)
4) Sweater / Loose Jacket

*I think this style is also suitable for those who love outdoor activities such as HIKING/MOUNTAIN CLIMBING/TREKKING as you do not need to think to bring an iron or else to look good and still able to cover your aurah even in hard situation such as in jungle.Besides, this style  help you to feel warm all the timenig especially during night time.

 InsyaAllah. :)

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